AMT Vol.5: "Th Ality Absfract" (1994-1995) deleted
(Audoview 001, Lowlands - Belgium, 1996, CD)

Out of Machine & AMT: "Floating somewhere" (1994)
(Toss Records - Belgium, 1994, interactive split-CD)

AMT Vol.7: "Ritmax Asimetra" (1996-1997)
(Creamgardens 002, JdK Productions - Holland, 1999, CD)

AMT Vol.9: "Distori (Noah)" (1995-1997)
(Sonoris - France, 1999, CD)

AMT: "Calliphon Draft" (1991-1994, cooperation with Mathias Janssens)
(b/b tapes, Lunhare - Italy, 1998, C60 tape)

in preparation:

AMT Vol.72: "Tashkara (Second attempt at Time-Freeze)" (1998)
(Xerxes - Japan, 1999, ltd.72, CDr)

AMT: "Eclats sur la surface du temps" (1995)
(Wachsender Prozess Records - Germany, 1999, LP vinyl)

Brume & AMT: "1st Encounter" (1996, cooperation with Christian Renou, France)
(Alien8 Records, Canada, 1999, CD)


"Testament" (RRRecords - USA, 1996, CD)
AMT: "Asymfon" 8min

"Tulpas" (Selektion - Germany, 1997, 5CDset)
AMT: "Awron" 8min

"Vage Geluiden (in stereo)" (Meeuw Muzak - Holland, 1998, 10" vinyl)
AMT: "Michron" 1min

"La Passion" (Les Arts Innovants, 1998, CDr)
AMT: "Chrozoom (live)" 5min

"LookaHead" (Lunhare Records - Italy, CDr)
AMT: "Rhizover Erozion" 8min

Bitstream Conversion I. (Erewhon Records - Belgium, 1999, CD)
AMT: "Shorts" (#1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13)

"Coalescence" Alien8 - Canada, CD
AMT: "Chrozoom" 5min

in preparation:

Staalplaat/Meeuw Muzak - Holland, CD
AMT: "Close(d) Inside Me" 8 min

Sukora - Japan, CD
SKwi & MNortham "VacuUm" (cooperation track, 7min)


S.Isabella: "Pleroma" (Xerxes - Japan, 1998, CD)
AMT: exchange of sound-materials project.

Other works:
(strictly demonstration Planktone UNlimited Editions "QI serie" on CDr)

QI 001AMT Vol. 2: "Parallel CoExistence" (1989-1992) distributed by Staalplaat

QI 002AMT Vol. 8: "Radio Reports I.II." (1996-1997)
(collected radiophonic pieces: "Morfas" + "Fosilpa", production of Radio 3, VRT)

QI 004AMT Vol. 4: "Foxonx (Turning Around Now)" (1994)

QI 006AMT: "Calliphonies (Resonances and Skeletunes)" (1998)
(ambiant recording of installation in festival "Machomet II.", Holland, information CDr)

QI 007AMT presents "Freephonies" (1999)
(collection of selected improvised tracks, information CDr)

QI 010AMT: "Zoomspectives" (1998), 48min
QI 012+ "Tri-Ality" (1995-1996), 21min
(stereo-reductions of octophonic pieces, separated CDr's)

QI 011AMT: "Evaporation" (1998), 48min
(radiophonic sound-picture, production of DR Radio, Lydmuren - Denmark)

QI 013AMT: "Auronia" (1995), 60min
(aural enviroment for Installation I., "Guard of Dreams")

QI 014AMT Vol.11: "Inheritance of H" (1999), 74min
QI 012+ AMT "Insekno 1.-4." (1994), 4xCDr
(serie of natural recordings of Insect)
available also "Insekno - Index" CDr containing samples from 1.-4. CDr's

Corrosive Tapes (Belgium): deleted


"Primeval Code"
"Dissection of Time"
"Strategy & Freedom of Coincidence"


"Near Death Experience"
"Les Aubes crepusculaires"
"She's laughing at You!"
"We're Terrestrians!"
"Change your Mind, if You don't mind.."


"Tracks in Time"
"Acoustic (Ex)Perience"


Vol.1: "Fruite Illegale"
Vol.2: "Vibramash"

(released in period 1991-1994, tape-network)

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